How to Play Matches and Enter in the Tournaments?

The game offers the users two different types of games. They can play the 1 on 1 match with the opponent, or they can go for a tournament where you have to compete with 7 other players. Both the types are played by the users. Some of them like to play 1 on 1 match while the others like to play the tournaments. That totally depends on the users whatever they like to go for.


  • 1 on 1 Match:

If you are going to play 1 on 1 match, then you simply have to click the play button on your screen after the game is loaded. After clicking play, you will have to choose the venue to play the game. Some of the places in the game are locked. And they will be unlocked after reaching some particular level. To play the match with your opponent yo will need some pool coins. Both the players will bid the same amount of coins, and the one that wins will get them.

  • Tournament:

If you like to play something more challenging then 1 on 1 game then you can go for a competition. You have to click the tournaments button that is shown on your screen after the game is loaded. In this, you will be playing the game against more than 1 player. You have to select the location of the game, and some locations will be locked, same as in 1 on 1 matches. The pool coins will help you to enter the tournament.

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