Tips and Tricks for 8 Ball Pool Players

Cues-Powers-Facebook-PostThe tips and tricks in any game can change the game in no time. The tips can transform a beginner into a professional 8 ball pool player in no time. These tricks will let you win more easily as well as you will earn more coins by winning and you coin bank will grow quickly. So, here are some tips and tricks to be the best 8 ball pool player:

1.        Know the Rules:

The rules are the most important part of any game. If you start playing the game without knowing the rules, then there is a chance that you won’t be among the best players of the game. So, before starting the game with your opponent or friend in 8 ball pool read the rules of the game. Knowing the rules will save you from losing the matches as well as the tournaments.

2.        The Break:

There are many different kinds of breaks in the game, but the ones that are the most efficient and will help you win the game are:

  • The players can hit the first ball in the triangle straight on, and thy can use topspin to drive over the pack even more.
  • The players should hit the second from end ball as efficiently as possible with the help of full backspin affecting the cue ball to strike the cushion and go into the pack once more.

The both breaks can make a difference in the game. So, choose the break wisely.

  1. Selecting the Stripes or Spots:

Th decision to make a choice between the stripes or spots will decide that whether you are going to lose or win the game. Even if you have several balls on break or you have already potted a precise ball doesn’t essentially mean that you should proceed to that as your choice. Examine the positions of all the balls on the table and look for the balls that are in potted position. Check that how all the balls are spread on the snooker table and look for the set that can make a difference in your win.

  1. Lookout your Power:

The extent of power that you practice on the strikes is nearly as significant as how precisely you target the shot. The tougher you strike a ball, the more the ball will stop out. Sometimes there is a better chance that the ball that is stricken with a softer touch may drop into the shack increasing the chance of your win. Don’t use too slight energy to hit the ball as you should keep in mind that if you are hitting the ball too gently, then there is a chance that you may miss the straight shot. Always evaluate that exactly what extent of power is required for every shot and modify as suitable.

5.        Cues with Powers:

Every cue has four unique characteristics:

  • Spin: Spin determines that how much spin can be applied to the shot.
  • Force: It determines that how hard the player can knock out the cueball
  • Aim: Wen the player is taking the shot, the aim will determine the length of the aim-line.
  • Time: It will determine the time that is taken on taking the shot.

The skills are the most important thing to win a game other than the cues. But the importance of cues in taking a shot cannot be neglected.

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