New Levels in 8 Ball Pool

levels8 ball pool is the most famous snooker game. The players spend hours playing tournament and matches with their companions and friends. The online game has many levels, though, but the users of the incredible game are demanding to raise the levels of the game above 150 and for the first time since the game has been developed the developers are increasing the levels of the game. Now the players of 8 Ball pool will be able to reach to more levels that are far beyond the previous count. The race to show that who is going to be on the list of top players is going to be more interesting as well this race will get in motion once again.

The addition of levels in 8 ball pool means that now the rewards that the players get after moving to another level will no more be stopped at level 150 as well as the players who have already reached level 150 will now proceed to the next stage that is level number 151. They will move to the levels beyond and every time they reach to next level they will earn the free pool cash as well as they will earn extra VIP points. The developers are looking forward that who will be the first one to reach level 200.

Everyone receives XP by playing the tournaments as well as the 1 on 1 matches, but the one who successes the match will get more XP than the one who lost the match. The developers of 8 Ball Pool are trying to make the changes as soon as possible on mobile as well as on the web.

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